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Well, friends are very important in our life specially mine. I consider them as my family. But when we getting older friendship is not remain same. I miss them a lot. But there's a thing I feel bad for me. I can't feel the same like before. I'm not angry on them, I'm angry on myself. Why things are changed?

We were happy but now I'm not. I can't explain my situation and also I can't explain how much I miss them, how much I missed those days.

Friend is the only thing which is very much important thing in my life. I have everything a good family, a loving and caring boyfriend. But still I just feel incomplete without them. They r not replaceable. I have many friends and colleagues but still I missed them. I love them a lot. I will never ever forget them.

I just want they will be happy in their life.

God bless them.❤️