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Men, this is why you are sexually unfulfilled.

This post is for white Anglo-Saxon Protestant men. I’m going to tell you why the women you marry don’t want to have sex with you. It’s because you are narrow minded. Your narrow-mindedness is turning off the women in your lives.

You think you’re perfectly normal but they married you because they needed to look normal and not like some weird old cow to their friends at work. But they can’t stand you. And you don’t have the intellectual resources to examine what is wrong with you and fix it.

You married white women because you have a very very narrow sense of what is beautiful and desirable. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t marry white women I’m saying you shouldn’t use race and skin colour or hair texture as the basis upon which to choose a partner.

there is a reason why there is such a high divorce rate in certain countries.

You were all told that your sexual preferences are correct and you are not told that if you want a good partner you’re supposed to look for certain qualities. You were told that being hot and horny for someone in love at first sight is great. But those things don’t make a good marriage.

So you meet a woman and she checks off all the boxes superficially and you don’t take the time to get to know her. Do you want a woman who is freaky and who will spread her legs for you every single night without fail.

But you don’t go for that first you first thing you look at is well she looks like people my friends will accept so I’ll marry her. And you know you’re compromising and now 10 years later you’ve got a kid to look after and you have a mortgage to pay and you’re not getting even a little bit of a blow job.

You want a woman who will lift her skirt and bend over and let you do her over the washing machine. A woman who is not thinking ‘sex is nasty and dirty’. A woman who just let you release your man chowder into her and go about her day without complaining. Right?

But you don’t look for that first in a partner. Instead, you look for a partner who will look nice in the pictures on the desk and who you can take to the office barbecue . But you go home and you cannot get a hand job to save your lives. Now you’re on here complaining about sexless marriages. You’ve got exactly what you deserved.