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Mental Health

Hello everyone,

So lately, I have been reading a lot of posts on people sharing their views on mental health and how they are willing to give a listening ear to someone who might need it. I think its beautiful! Thank you for opening your heart and mind and for being willing to be available to those who might need someone to talk to. 

I have had my own journey with mental health, and I would like to share something as well. Honestly, I think its great that people are openly being available to talk to those in need. As a survivor/current sufferer I would also like to request that please make talking about Mental Health, in general, a casual part of your conversations too please! I think our world needs this! If you are already doing it- great! if not please do so. We have to start talking about mental health casually to make it our new normal. It should’nt take someone’s suicide or a breakdown, for example, to re-start the conversations around mental health every few months. It has to be ongoing.

We meet people and we ask “how have you been?” could we perhaps start asking “how has your mental health been?” or whatever words you might want to use…only if you and the other person is comfortable 

I cannot share how many times I have come across people in my life whith whom I have brought up mental health in general or talked about my personal journey and they start looking uncomfortable or had nothing to say. OMG the damage it does to the person who thought she could be vulnerable in front of you lol….speaking from experience. Honestly, the person on the other side is not at fault as not everyone is comfortable talking or listening about mental health. What we as a society need to do is….start questioning it. Why are we not comfortable?

My understanding- We live in a world/society where we are constantly taught and pushed to live a perfect life, reach certain society approved milestones etc…. We can be pushed by our families, peers, random strangers who make us feel insecure, media…. Honestly, I don’t think I was ever taught to be emotional or vulnerable in front of anyone but the immediate family….out of fear that people might judge me or view me as a weak person. Mom, dad if you are reading this- I love you- I know you were only trying to protect me and my siblings. 

We are always directly or indirectly told to hide our emotions as it makes us look weak. God forbid someone talks about their mental health, I can guarantee you many have right away started judging or doubting them on their capabilities….because if a person has mental health issues, they cannot be fully functional or rational. WRONG!

Honestly people, please continue to be kind to everyone for everyone has multiple battles that they are fighting. Next time someone decides to open up to you, please don’t make them feel awkward. If you are uncomfortable, you have the right to your feelings! Please respectfully let the other person know that you are not comfortable with them sharing their personal emotions. 

Sorry for the long post- just my rant….may or may not continue…but I know you all are amazing souls who are and will continue to be part of the change our world needs!