Mental Illness

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Nobody actually cares about the mentally ill.

It's all love and support when it's a mild "I'm sad" or "I had an anxiety attack today", but the moment things get raw and gritty - get real - every single person will abandon you.

You push people away because it's what the illness dictates you do. They don't want you back. They never will.

Society is not built for people who cannot work in full, and they will beat you down until things continually get worse and you're no longer a part of it; either on the street or dead. There is no empathy, things are too complicated,

If you are too crass because of a mental disability, those who are too soft from their own will villainize you.

If you are too soft because of a mental illness, those who are normal will berate you to toughen your skin.

If you a combination, you've lost already - you're not getting out. Nobody will help.

Nobody helps.

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