Mentally abusive mom :/

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Need to get this off my chest. I dont hate myself, but i hate life. Like if my mom was normal my lifed be perfect. I try to stay positive but my mom is so negative and manipulative and selfish and lazy its so fucking hard. I have to clean(our house is pretty messy modt the time cuz im too stressed) make meals, pretty much do everything. Im 14 and Im so sick of it but i have a younger brother so ik i need to stay strong. I try so hard sometimes to just talk to her but she refuses to listen and just screams at me. Im a good kid. I try my best. She just doesnt understand that. She doesnt let me do allot of things and its slowly killing me. At this point i dont even get mad at her. Im just dissapointed, ig. Ive stopped trying to argue and whatever cuz it mever makes a difference. Idk. I just pray and hope for the best. And for corona to end because shes gotten worse since corona stared. Some people just shouldnt be parents. ☹