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Messed up feeling

i hate this day! not because something bad happened but because my feelings are totally in a mess that i wanted to cry right now.

i hate it!!! really really hate. And to admit...it hurts. My heart aches and i dont know what to do😭

I feel mad and hurt at the same time. Well probably its beacuse my ego was hurt also. 

Okay so I like this guy. I dont know if I just misinterpret his gesture to me but it feels like he likes me too. The thing is he has a girlfriend and also he is not a kind of guy who will confess to a girl if he had a crush. He has this big fucking ego! 

And now i realize he didnt like me and he showed it to others!That he made it clear that we will never ever be a couple.

I know I admit that I like him but not to the extent that I want him as a boyfriend he has some quality that I dont like. Though everyday the feeling keep stronger and I dont know what to do. I dont want to really fall for him.

It would be really hard for me cause we worked together. We stay at the same building & floor. Ahhh Im so desperate that I wanted to this feeling to go away.I just wanted us to become friend with no issue. I treasure the friendship more than anything else. 

Need some advise here! anyone have a suggestion please tell me.