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Miami football

A creation of ESPN. Back in the day colleges were limited on TV appearances. A lawsuit changed that.

ESPN was new. Begged teams to play on off days. Miami; Forced Sex U, & Boston C signed up.

The first 2 were no bodies. Miami is a high crime area. Little areas are set aside for the rich. But most have no desire to live there. Mainly because Castro emptied his prisons there & organized crime became a big issue along with poverty.

So Miami spent a lot of $ to buy a team. They had gang leaders on their side lines paying for dirty hits. Any decent person couldn’t stand thug U.

They mostly played cheese whiz schedules. As expansion grew they & forced sex eventually ended up in the ACC. Problem with being in a big southern conference is if you massively cheat; or are really good, media grads from other teams will do all they can to put you on probation.

Without massive cheating it’s hard to be more than average at Miami. It’s a high crime area. And a long drive down. Florida; FSU; & many SEC schools are better choices.

As for this yr I thought they were a lot of over hype as usual. Average players. Average HC. Average results.