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Michael for prison

M****al F*****mmons is a 58 year old violent narcissist offender who lives with his parents and assaults the helpless elderly to try to cover up his pedophilia . He was caught assaulting an elderly woman 3 times . He has a restraining order on him and is looking towards domestic violence assault charges . After he was slapped with a restraining order he panicked and made multiple false police reports to try to distract them from his crimes . He is trying to hide a drug manufacturing lab in his fAthers garage . It's located behind a false wall in the back room that smells like cat urine . The garage is full of mold it could be shut down by the health department . He ruined people's lives because of his curupt narcissism and pedophilia . He throws childish tantrums because people refuse to worship him and want nothing to do with his personal life so he made false police reports and is now committing perjury . 2200 wildwood road port orchard wa 98367 360-876-3196