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MIL Saw Junk

Early in my marriage I’d barely met my MIL. Meals; stuff like that. She was rude & didn’t like me at all. She told me that. Course she doesn’t like many people.

So my wife didn’t tell me she was coming to visit. Or was in house. I slept nude then. I was very attractive male & very well endowed.

I wake up with morning flagpole like so many of us do. I still do. I get up to walk to bathroom. I turn corner & there she is. She smiles & starts talking to me. I freeze. She walks closer & keeps talking. Uuuhhhhh. OK. So I’m trapped in like a 30 min conversation. She acts as if this is perfectly natural. I finally break free & go hide in my room.

After that she loved me for many years. I was one of few people she was nice too. She only saw me nude a few times after that. Whole other stories. Many yrs later she lived right beside me & ended up hating me again. She’s hard to get along with every day. But at least we did for many yrs.

My wife used to say mom really likes you. She’s nicer to you than she is to me. Maybe I’d still be married if I’d just let her see me nude again. Just kidding. Funny thing is she’s very conservative. Never made a move on me or nothing. I obvi never tried to let her see me nude. I just walked right into that one.

Moral of story I guess is just because you goto bed alone with your partner; & get up early assuming your still alone, doesn’t mean you are. Either always wear clothes; even in own house, or you might be embarrassed.

Oh; the flagpole stayed raised the entire 30 mins. It still makes me sort of laugh & twinge to this day. Hope that made you laugh at my expense.

Please note: don’t try to do such things on purpose. Most men don’t mind seeing a nude women. However; most women would be very unhappy. Nudity can get you arrested. Get you in dangerous situations. So I wouldn’t suggest doing such things on purpose.