Millennials are worse than boomers

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My generation didn’t have the guts to call out the anti-cop rhetoric black lives matter psy op when it could have defused things early on, nor did they call out the non binary psy op which both things ultimately led to the right wing feeling attacked which almost led to a civil war with trump fanning the flames. That all could have been avoided if millennials had a fucking opinion of their own and didn’t conform to every retarded thing on social media to the point you were posing like mannequins and dumping ice water on yourselves and running in droves like idiots to catch an imaginary pokemon.

No shit it freaked out the conservatives, it freaked me out too. All because you guys and your south park programming and memes made you feel like nothing mattered. Non binaries are literally people who want to destroy the male female binary for whatever reason and they don’t want to change sex, but they don’t want to be their sex either. The worst part of the trans larp is that the larpers were not the ones facing the most backlash. The ones in the LGBT facing the most backlash and violence were gay men because they are more visible. Some of you millennials actually thought you didn’t have to worry about anything because your job at Wendy’s sucked and you thought the world actually ended after 2012. Now look at your mess