Mind Games

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I like most of my roommates; but they do odd stuff. I started playing mind games with them for their own good.

One lost her job after punch the boss in the face. Now she can’t figure out why she can’t find a job during a pandemic. Her & her 16 yr old are slobs & rude. But sweet.

Her son is spoiled rotten. I have very little food money. They will eat my eggs; vegetables. I mostly eat crackers & water. So at times I go up to a week eating only crackers & water if they eat my stuff. I say nothing.

Her son is selfish & lazy. But she lets him. Since she lost her job the oldest roommate has been buy them groceries & take out. They don’t like the cheap pizza. So she will buy them a $25 specialty. They would eat half; rest in fridge; rest in trash, ask for another 2 days later.

So I ask for a slice. Took small one. The teen got mad. He’s eating my pizza. So they ate more & put rest in fridge.

They wake me up endlessly. Up till 5am playing video games loud. Rap loud. Laughing in hall by door. Using microwave. Then they sleep all day.

Well I got up & say oh leftovers. That just gets thrown out. Think I’ll eat a slice. Teen gets mad. He’s eating my pizza. Now if they hear me up eating my crackers they will rush in there & eat rest of pizza.

I don’t eat it. I later put in other fridge & male roommate assume is for him & eats it.

So I tricked them into eat it all. Yesterday they bought Arby’s & McDs take out. Ate roast beef. And large late breakfast (my eggs). My veg in stew.

The older lady buys meat they cook in stews & stuff. She tells her husband he can’t have any cause they have no $ & she bought for them. To be fair he gets mad if anyone eats food he buys. So weird. They all have different foods & throw away leftovers. They all like fresh or take out fresh.

So when they leave meat now I’ll say oh that looks good & fix me a bowl. Since my veg is in it she can’t say nothing. But the spoiled teen will get mad. He’s eating my food. Funny. So now they are more likely to eat some of the leftovers. But all he eats is the meat. The veg go in trash.

They are still throw away a lot; but I’m use mind game to get them to eat more & trash less. I put the food in other fridge & man eats. I’m on renal diet & cant eat.

It’s annoyingly that my veg get seasoned & I can’t eat. Then I see most them in trash. Why not use less veg? It’s hard to go seven days of only crackers & water till I can afford more. My only meat is spoonful of peanut butter. I hide it. The boy will double dip right out of jar. I have no immune system. He only brushes teeth 1-2 times a month.

The old lady gets mad if anyone makes noise in morning; from 5 am till 12. Cause they are sleeping. Yet they are loud. Go figure. I pee in jug. I try hold poop till late night cause every time I go in bathroom she will beat on door & yell to hurry up. Often starts just as I first sit down.

But trying use it at night is wild. They eat so much meat & crap they give selves diarrhea. They will take over toilet for up to 2 hrs. Neither will flush unless desperate. The boy will clog toilet with TP. He pees all over lid & floor. He poops on back & side of toilet & in floor. I don’t know how.

If he clogs toilet they leave it. I go in there & have to plunge. Put TP in trash. Wash toilet & floor. Then use it. As soon as I come out they start slam the throne again. In morning it’s a disaster again. But I leave it for other 3 to clean when they get up.

Well last couple nights I’ve went in there; hovered over toilet, added my poop on top (not much), then back to bed. Soon as my door shuts they rush in there. I’ll here her say oh shit. Or him say mom the toilets stopped up & I gotta poop bad. She will go in there cussing & complaining that someone stopped up toilet; didn’t flush, & got shit everywhere. They tried to hold it one night. I heard them. Waiting on me to clean it. I went to sleep. Hey; neither are working. Good time to learn to flush toilet & not stop it up.

In morning the old roommate (I’m old too) will get up if she thinks your eat their food. I’ll quietly fix my one meal of day. Little rice & veg. One egg (if they haven’t eaten it all). When me & her husband get up if we open their fridge (they have own fridge & use ours too) or any cabinet she will jump up & watch to see if we are eating their food. So I’ll wait till on way to room & I’ll open their fridge or cabinets. When I see her coming I’ll take opposite way out of kitchen & off to room. I’ll lock door. She used to beat on door demanding to know if I used their ketchup or something. But the female gets up mad from yelling. So now she just goes in kitchen. She shuffles thru fridge & cabinets. Hey; at least she’s occupied.

I also started throw out some of their meat. Shove bottom of trash. They get mad & accuse others of eat. Now they eat more leftovers.

She & other lady buy the teen canned meat foods. He only wants fresh food or takeout. I’ve start go in there & shuffle cans around about time she should be wake up. I hide the can in back or my room. I’ll leave open space in front. I also run the can opener as if open can. Then I fly in room. I’ll hear her get up & look in cabinet. She’ll cuss. Tells her son. He gets mad. So now he’s eat more canned food. Saves them $. I’m a bad boy.

The best is sweets. Pie. Cake. Candy. Cookies. Ice cream. Chips. Pickles. Sauces. Condiments. They all steal each other’s stuff. Then they all lie & say they didn’t. Blame others. I hear the youngest blame me. I can’t eat sweets or chips.

I also will take their foods & move around. Back of different fridges; freezers, cabinets. It’s quite entertaining.

They think they have magic soap. Pump. When I first move in I was blame for use up. That one bottle had lasted over a yr. another female admits she fills it. Well now I do. I use their own Dawn & hot water to keep full. For a yr it’s stayed full. This way they leave mine alone. I used to use dove. Now I use Irish spring. No one likes it.

I’ll discuss nudity on “my nude roommates” next.