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every single day my boyfriend tells me, reminds me or yells at me about my weight, he monitors what i eat and gives me shut for eating a fig newtons he gives me a comment when i almost eat a third piece of pizza or when i have a whole waffle instead of a half, i love him but i hate him, i hate that i love him and i hate that i hate him but every single day he just cuts me deeper and deeper and he doesn’t even realize

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Obviously you should leave him!Nobody has the right to make you feel uncomfortable and call you names.If your boyfriend loved you he wouldn't insult you and affect your mental health.I suggest to broke up with him. In my point of view this relationship is toxic.I mean who does he think he is to judge you?You can eat whatever and whenever you want dear and eating a whole "waffle" as you mentioned before, doen't make you fat,just not Every day but once in a while it's not that bad,it's normal.Other people order fast food like everyday.ALSO, eating a third piece of pizza is normal,everyone obviously would it a second or a third one.Even if someone was fat,they should be loved equally and not to be called names.Furthemore,there are so many guys in the entire universe ,so don't worry about the relationship thing.I know that moving on isn't the easiest thing, but it's better than being in a toxic relationship. My opinion might be wrong but I just stated what i thought.Which I believe it's right.

You should Leave him Or Tell him ok he needs to understand this aint build a bitch You Can eat HOW MUCH YOU WANT and WHAT YOU WANT Your gorgeous And Extraordinary No matter what He should treat ya Better Not some trash left on the streets Your not that Your A Queen Okay A👏FUCKING👏QUEEN Okay Tell him how you feel or leave his ass cause If you allow this to Keep going it'll Get worse And worse till theres no escape But remeber be You And Your Amazing Also I know you love him and hate him but Look Look hard List all the positive things about him aswell as the negatives If he hurts you its not worth it


Leave him or isolate yourself from him during your healthy lifestyle journey so you can inspire the change you want for yourself. As soon as you allow others especially even loved ones to bring you down, true progress won’t happen. Wishing you lots of love and support. Sincerely, a total stranger.