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Miss u

I once had sex with my professor. He told me he would give me answers for our final exam if i agreed to it. So we did have sex, anyways he is 34 i was 22. Few days later he didnt give me what he promised. But no complain because his cock is bigger than my ex boyfriend and i pass my exam too so no big deal right? After i graduate we still meet up to have sex and i found out he is married with 2 kids so i told him we had to stop and we never talk anymore. sometime i miss having his dick in me. Isit wrong!? ps my ex boyfriend doesnt know about this till today hahah . this happend 6-7 years ago

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Re: Miss u

I had screwed my lady professor too, when I was in high school for chemistry subject. Every second married couple is cheating on their partners, me and my lady professor have been having sex since more than 14 years now, she back then had kids 2 years elder to me, bow her kids are married , I am married too with kids, we still fuck every 10 days or so, and its amazing. Contonue what u r doing. It's your life.