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Missing a puzzle piece

Once upon a time, just like in the story of Cinderella, the difference is this girl turns into a miserable and a crybaby when the midnight starts. The girl was sitting in the corner of her bedroom, crying all night without even knowing why. She was just drowning with her thoughts and bawling her eyes out. She knows how to breathe but as simple as that she doesn't know how to breathe anymore. 

She was tired of all the problems that keep on coming back. She's tired of everything even though nothing is happening in her life. Sometimes she doesn't feel tired, she just feels that she doesn't have a reason to go on. Sometimes she feels empty and that feeling keeps on draining her that leads to tiredness even though she doesn't do anything. She wants to be loved, she wants to find love even though she knows that she doesn't even love herself. Whenever she watches a movie about love, it hurts because she knows that she doesn't have that but she wants to have that. There's a lot of people that she met but no one can make her feel loved and contented with herself. 

Little miss Cinderella just wants to be happy, feel loved, and content with herself and everything that she has but every day it just feels something is missing and something is wrong that she can give more or be more than that.