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model at 13

hi, my name is anastasia . I am a child model and I hate it. im not happy. I model for small boutiques in my city and get put on magazines. ever since I was little, my mom made me model for more money . she made my 16 yr old brother play football and my 4 year old sister does dance and pageants, and my 2 year old sister does summer modeling. shes raising my siblings to be perfect. she doesn't let us make mistakes. she forcing my sister and me to be girly girls. and shes forcing my brother into a sport that he doesnt wanna do. my 4 year old sister cries when she has to go to pageants. I've asked her why and she says because the clothing is uncomfortable and she doesnt like a lot of people looking at her. I hate modeling because its a lot of stress and my mom is using ME for money. she makes 40k off my sisters pageants and around 100k off my modeling . from my 2 year old sister, she makes at least 20k. its not fair. she has 2 jobs as well. she owns a nail shop and is a half time nurse. I dont understand why her first priority is money. my dad is involved as well. hes an engineer but is never home because he travels out of state for months sometimes. my mom puts us in these sources because she wants to look like her children and family is put together and perfect, but it isn't. ive gotten put on covers and told that I should keep my modeling access up in the future because ill make a lot of money. what they dont understand is that I dont want that. I Dont care about being a model, First Lady, baddie, or a billionaire . I just want a good bit of money to care for my family, a loyal husband, a house, a car, food, a job, and kids. thats all I want. my mom is raising me to be like her. and I dont like that. im trying my hardest to not gain her vibe and to gain my own vibe. but once your around someone for so long, you gain their vibe sadly. hopefully, things change. I have been compared to other females in modeling. it makes me so sad. I get told 'youre not as pretty as her', 'her dress is so much prettier' etc. I wanna be myself. I didn't write this to brag about my lifestyle or anything because im not happy of it and I dont wanna live like this. I wrote this to get it off my chest and vent to all kind of people. just know, that if you are in a tough situation, its okay to speak up. and one day, I will speak up. <3

thank you vigyaa for giving me access to your page! I love venting , it makes me feel so much better :) and have a good Sunday guys.