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I hate you!!! I hate everything you've done to me I see everything that you are.. I hate that you're my mom.. you are a piece of s*** you do not deserve your children and I hope one day when the next time you decide to shoot methamphetamines into your veins I hope you overdose... Fuck you and your drug addiction.. I could happily live my life without ever knowing you or ever being in your life again.. my son will never know who you are.

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Re: Mom...

I dont know what the details are, but i need you to listen to me. i understand that your mom has a drug addiction and that isnt right. That may have inffluenced and affected you. after all, we all want to feel safe around our parents, specially our mothers.

But please understand that your mother is a human. look at her and her situation from a different prespective. Try to imagine what couldve lead her to such habit. no one wants to be a no-use drug addict, no mother wants to let her child down, and no grandmother wants to be forbidden from seeing her grandchild.

Please understand that your mother is a human. im not saying she isnt responsible for her actions, but you must sympathize with her.

I disagree with the poster. She is destroying her life and she is destroying you with it. There are terrible things that people do when they’re in the throes of addiction. You have to protect yourself. If your reminder please report to yourself the child protective services and make sure that they find you a home that is safe and secure. Otherwise, get as far away from her as possible. There is nothing she will do except destroy your life. I can tell you from personal experience that this kind of thing does not get fixed by being sympathetic or nice or sweet or client. When do you find yourself self-harming and you won’t realise why you’re doing it. And then you need 10 years of therapy to figure out that that’s why you were doing it

I'm the the one who posted this... My mom sold my virginity when I was 13 years old to a guy because she couldn't pay... She owed him money... I was homeless because of her my entire life.. she kept me away from my family... She was mentally physically and verbally abusive.. I watched her break my 3 year old sister's arm when I was little because she found her meth pipe and dropped it... It doesn't end there... And it's been 35 years of just torture and manipulation..

Yeah, you can pick your friends but not your family. Sometimes the family you are born into just fucking sucks. Everyone who disagrees with you have. No. Fucking. Idea. How it feels. I feel society puts too much emphasis on how you should love your parents and siblings no matter what. Why? When they don't care about you? Respect, love, admiration and loyalty need to be earned, no matter if you're related or not.