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A few weeks ago while my mom was watching television I took off my robe and sat down beside her naked. I could see that she got embarrassed but she didn't say anything. I sat there like that for the rest of her program. When it was over I went to the kitchen. I was excited. My cock was getting really hard. I masturbated until I was all sloppy. Then I went back into the living room, stood just to the side of mom and asked her what was on now. I didn't really get what she said, I sat down beside her and started to masturbate. She didn't say a word or take her eyes off the TV the entire time. Just a second or so before, I turned to the side and started to cum on her lap. I watched her face as I did it. I really think it made me cum a lot more than I ordinarily would have. I cleaned myself on her robe, said, thank you mom and went to my room, still naked.