Mom and Boyfriend got in a fight

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My mom has had a really messed up childhood with lots of trauma. She suffers from ptsd, depression, anger issues and much more. She has always had an issue with screaming and not being able to control her mood.

Me and my boyfriend went to go get coffees and we get my mom one here and there. We got back and she made a very rude comment about how we did not get her one. I told her he had payed, and that it was not his responsibility since he just got a car and is paying his own car insurance, gas, and phone bill. She started yelling at me and bringing up the fact that she used to drive me to his house whenever and I said that she never was forced to, he apologized for not getting her a coffee even though it's not necessary.

I usually do most things around my house, I clean, help cook, and have to focus on all -1 classes, I also take care of the dog a lot of the time. So when my boyfriend is over he likes to help out and so I don't see why she would get mad over a coffee. Anyways we went to my room to get away from the negative energy and about an hour later I went to her and tried apologizing for my attitude. She just kept screaming and I was crying and then my boyfriend out of no where came up and yelled at my mom. It was not in his place what so ever and I was telling him to stop but he did not listen. (He knew before we started dating that my mom is kind of a lot, and has a lot wrong in her head) after it was done I told him to apologize and he did but before that he contacted his mom and told her everything and now she does not want him at my house. I don't know what to do because my parents are very strict and they prefer it when we switch off houses every time but we can't now. I don't want to tell my mom because she will lose her shit.

When my boyfriend went home my mom blamed it all on me, and said I did it on purpose because I was "obviously" feeding him bad information about her the entire time we were dating(not true) and I tried talking to her but she'd just yell. I tried comparing it to my brother (who is far moved away) and how she never was like this with him, and she brought up my virginity and how I am not one but my brother was at my age. (16) I just don't know what to do