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i’ve forgotten my moms name and at this point i’m too afraid to ask . she left me and my brothers 8 years ago . i don’t miss her . we never talk about her . but i wish she got help all those years ago instead of just leaving . i was 7 i shouldn’t have had to see what i saw and i shouldn’t of have to worried about what i worried about . but i’m glad she left . we deserved better . and i’m afraid one day i’ll be just like her .

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RE: MOM reply

Did it ever cross your mind that somewhere in that ladies thoughts one made it through loud and clear. maybe as a parent, your parent, she new the best thing to do was not raise you. To give you a chance at a good life.

she could have aborted you and been done with it.

guess she did not.

and for whatever reason, you feel as if your life was better cuz she left.

Then thank her.

Because she didn't have to do that either.