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Is it selfish of me to want a mom who'll get off my fucking back? Just every once in a while give me a fucking break? I KNOW i'm missing assignments, okay? I know you think I'm a total fuck-up because all I ever want to do is play games and talk to my friends! Just shut the fuck up about it already, bitch. Sometimes I wish you'd just die already because you really don't seem to give a shit that I'm two seconds away from offing myself because all of the pressure you push on me. And you know what? I wish I honestly had gone through with dropping out of highschool, because at least you won't be there to fucking nag me about doing homework when I have an actual job. You're so two-faced it honestly makes me want to cry. Wasn't it just TWO HOURS AGO you told me you were so proud of me for having an A in my Japanese class. but then you call me, furious, with no explanation, yelling at me because I forgot to submit a single art reflection for my art class.

I know I was your special little genius you could brag about to your friends when I was a kid, but the fact is I'm a fucking failure, and maybe you'd realize that if you stopped seeing me as some special prodigy child. I wish you were dead. Thanks so much.