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I am tuff. I am strong. I am weak . And I am soft. I lost someone to suicide and see 1/2 of him everyday in our daughter. My beautiful daughter that I will stand for and protect forever. Mommy will love forever. Mommy wont give up. Mommy wont stop. Mommy's here forever. Mommy will get blamed for the death. Mommy will get told nasty things for the death. Mommy will get slandered for the death. Mommy will cry because of the death. But you baby you wont ever feel that pain caused from that death. Mommy will raise you stronger then that death. Mommy will fight every battle that comes our way because of that death. My daughter you will learn about this death. And ask questions mommy cant answer about this death. But mommy is here to heal everything you feel surrounded by that nasty suicide. Mommy is here forever. Mommy isn't giving up not now or ever. Mommy is strong for you. Mommy is your daddy figure too. Mommy loves you more then life it's self baby girl.