Mom's illness, dad's drinking problem

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Well, I'll get straight to the point. My mom has been diagnosed with a bipolar affective disorder, and my dad has a drinking problem (which has been forever).

My mom has been working in a prison, as a nurse, and she has like 2 years to her retirement. She's worried that because of her illness she's going to lose her right to practice the profession - which is understandable, really.

The illness became more prominent about 2 months ago, which led to me moving out of my parents' home. First, I've lived with my maternal grandmother for 2 weeks, then I've rented my own place. I was just really worried about my own mental health, in case I stayed with my mom and dad, and truth be told, just terrified to come back there.

My brother is at my parents' house nearly every day, since he's working there (kind of complicated, doesn't really matter).

Today my mom called me and started crying, because she's afraid of losing her job, because my dad's been drinking every single day and she's in a bad state. She doesn't want me to come, since she feels even worse when I'm leaving, and truth be told, I really can't handle going there.

I just don't know what to do. I feel like it's only going to be worse and worse, everything is hopeless and just so plainly wrong. It happened so quickly, my mom's been alright and boom, a week later she's going crazy, like really scary, she reminded me of all those psychopaths in the movies, and then she's depressed. I know it's the illness.

The fact that my dad's constantly drinking obviously doesn't help. He's an easy to tick off guy to start with, add alcohol and it's not pretty. My upbringing left me a bit nervous, I'm afraid of other people's noises and such.

I just don't know what to do. I don't know how much more I can take.