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Monkeys use hackernews

Since this is trending. I thought I should share my views on how stupid people and delusional people on hn are.

First of all, they are cheap stakes. Majority of the site. They are poor. They read hn multiple times a day in order to distract themselves from their sad lives. The other group is full of wantaprenuers and backstabbers. They aren't looking to try your product but copy it and get rich quick. This is probably the SF crowd. The rest remains fairly mixed. The markers are also cringe. Fuck your SHOW HN spam. I have to flag it everytime I see it to keep it from the front page and stop making so many duplicate accounts. I can see it from hn.algolia.com

Then there are political groups and community divide based on platforms. Lot of 4channers and twitter bots. Literal nazis.

The site pretends there is intellectual discussion but most of it is just intellectual sounding statements about the same big tech bad repeated every fucking day multiple times for years fucking hell. I bet all of those people are either young depressed virgin cel or old crunky cheap stake.