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Mr. Lonely

Its been a year since my last relationship. Even though i'm single right now i'm happy with my state and how my life is going but i have come to realized that I have always been seeking the love and belongingness to almost everybody. I'm at every dating app but still I cant find someone I can share myself with. They said the right person will come in a right place and in the right time. Its a test of patience y'all but you know i'm not that kind of person who can wait for quite a long time. I'm seeing gay couples very sweet even sharing good memories with each other but i can help myself but feel jealous. I even question myself many times. Am I ugly? Am I a bad person? Such thinking is really bothering me every now and then but still manages to flirt and make myself more beautiful in the eyes of the people around me.

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6 months ago

Re: Mr. Lonely

Wow, I can feel you. We are both in every dating apps. Maybe seeking for something more than chat. Seeking for attention that was lost. I am single for 3 yrs. I met with some guys in the app but didn't click. They just want **x.

I want love not just ***.

Anyways, we are a good person. Don't let what we see make us a bad person. :)

we can overcome this. 😊