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Mummy's cuddle is saving my life.

My health is getting worce but better. Hormones are rising, but stabilizing. So joint pains are more regular, the sicky feelings are regularly. Mummy is helping me out with more massages for the joint pains, and mid day nap with mummy is helping everything else. Am at the point of living with a almost permanent cuddle with mummy. It's not I want to cuddle, it's more the it's what is saving my life and keeping me stable and feeling better.

So might aswel enjoy the cuddle. :)

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Re: Mummy's cuddle is saving my life & the forensic criminologist

Boy! I don't know what to think! On the one hand, that criminologist guy seems to have a rather specific description of who this writer is, but how could he possibly know?

On the other hand, the original poster, if that is really him or her, insists that she's a 28 year old woman and not a sexually-frustrated teenage boy. But can we trust that response, or is that person a copycat posing as the original poster. How could anyone tell?

If only the criminologist would share some of his (I'm assuming he's a guy, and if I had to guess, he's married and in his early 40s. Perhaps he has a couple of young children, and he's beginning to think seriously about retirement... but there I go, making guesses that I can't prove in any way!) methods for figuring out identities on here, that would be appreciated.

Am a 28 year old woman. I think it's incredible that you took the time too type all the that assuming am a teenage boy who can't get laid... XD amazing! Simply amazing. Here is the best bit... YOU GAVE ME WHAT I WANTED A REPLY!! sure I have a unique relationship with my mother or mummy as I like to call her. :) When was the last time you got a cuddle from your mother? Or called her MUMMY!? ^^ .

and who cares if am into "darker" BDSM or something....

News flash buddy, it's called consenting adults.. o.o it's not "dark" it's normal.

As for getting a cuddle from mummy because am in pain.. that's called motherly love! Holy shit look it up on Google!

I rather live a happy wonderful life full of love from my mummy.

Than suffer in pain.

So yea am cuddling my mummy :)

As for the suckling, who cares? It's delishus and it's a mother feeding her daughter. ...

Whatever makes me feel better..

Doctor has given us the "go a head" and his recommendation for me to drink mummy's milk. It will help my sicky feelings, and yes it does. So since am in a permanent cuddle with mummy, I just find it easier just to suckle directly from mummy, plus it feels good to do so. mummy loves it too.

Am feeling alot better than what I was before. And because am feeling so much better, Mummy has decided just to feed me her milk 24 hours per day, permanently.

So I now, I gets all day cuddled and milk! Everyday, all the time.

It's maybe for the better of my health condition. But I do really enjoy it :) it's definitely much better than feeling sick and in pain all the time.

I much rather live in a permanent cuddle and suckling mummy's milk all the time. Than suffer.

I finally feel good, i am happy. And mummy loves it too. :D

The pain finally stopped!

Doctor says the cuddle is working. Am begging to feel alot better, and I wouldn't need to hold on to a cuddle with mummy as much... Great! But both me and mummy agree that the constant cuddle will continue, regardless of my health. Yes the cuddle is helping me with my health condition. But why stop the constant cuddle if we are enjoying it?!

Me and mummy love eachother. So the cuddle continues. :)

Me and mummy almost never break the cuddle. And I feel alot better. Mummy still needs to rub my back very now and then just for a little back ache. But it's not much bother. So now mummy wears her clothes over me. It's easier than breaking the cuddle or the suckling. I just get tucked underneath her clothes. It means less moving around for me, plus it's lovely and warm. :) Much more comfortable. Admittedly I've always liked mummy's clothes better. :)

Hi VIGYAA readers. It's me, the forensic criminologist here to provide a likely identity to another frequent poster here.

This poster is a teenager, though his social and cognitive development is stunted, and those who know him think that he's very immature for his age.

He likely doesn't have any close friends, though he talks to a lot of people. He is one of those kids who talks a lot but cannot listen or focus enough to actually carry on a conversation.

I think it goes without saying that he's a virgin, which is true enough, but he's also very angry and frustrated because he believes that everyone else his age is regularly having sex, and he thinks that all the girls that he knows are cruel bitches for refusing his advances.

To be clear, he has likely been rejected A LOT. This is because he has no filter and no ability to communicate subtly to girls his own age. He tries to talk to them by telling them exactly what he is thinking about them, and predictably, it frightens the girls that he targets, and they reject him. Sometimes, they even go so far as to tell adults about the things that he has said, and he has likely gotten into some trouble at school for inappropriate things he has said.

It is likely that, if he has a pet, he has experimented sexually on it. Without a doubt if he hasn't sexually experimented on a younger sibling or a cousin, he will. It would be a very bad idea for anyone to trust him with their children, as it is highly probable that he would attempt to engage them in sexual activity and if they were assertive enough to refuse him, he would respond with violence.

These posts that he writes here represent the tamest of his sexual fantasies. It is quite likely that he keeps a journal in which he records much darker fantasies that include things like bondage, hypnosis and mind control. With even a little encouragement, he would most likely share these stories here. However, what is concerning about that is the more time he spends focusing on his darker fantasies, the more likely it is that he will try to carry them out.

The reason why he writes these fantasies about a mother is because he lacks a mother figure in his life, or the mother figure in his life is absent in some way, perhaps due to drug or alcohol addiction, and subconsciously, he blames her for his inability to relate with girls.

His father is likely someone who is gruff and likes to control his children through violence and threats of violence. This poster is likely a frequent target of his father's violence, and this further fuels the fantasies that he has about this sexually nurturing mother.

Prospects will be quite dim for this poor kid when he grows up, because he is most likely not imtelligent enough to be able to handle high school, and would certainly be completely unable to handle advanced academic instruction. In terms of employment, he will most likely have to take unskilled labour jobs, and his temperment, lack of work ethic, and his inability to behave himself around women will cause him to have to frequently search for new work.

He will likely remain single his whole life, unless he happens to find a woman who is cognitively limited in a way similar to him, though there are no certainties that she would match enough with him to agree to intercourse with him, so outside the real possibility that he would become a sexual offender, it is likely that he would remain a sexually-frustrated virgin.

It has been a lot of fun analysing this poster. Perhaps I will take some time later to provide analysis of another frequent VIGYAA poster.

Take care everyone and stay safe.