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Murder Suicide

Its my brother its all his fault.

Mum i love you so much and everything good i do in life is for you and only you. You work two jobs since dad ran away and im sorry sorry i love you so much please forgive me.

My brother outted me to my mum when wasnt ready, he keeps calling me retarded and autistic and now im starting to believe it, hes just so awful and im like this because i of him i cant fuckin stand up for myself im such a pussy i just want to kill myself and he wont take it seriously. So if he wont take it seriously ill jusg murder my mum and then myself because i dont i think of the thought of my mum crying over my suicide.

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Re: Murder Suicide

ive felt the pin of wanting to kill yourself but i’ve also seen the pain of killing oneself. it would hurt not only your mom but everyones heart you’ve ever touched. you’re not a burden, you’re not “retarded”. try to talk to others who genuinely care about you, or find someone who understands how you feel because giving into the pain is what your brother wants. if you show him there’s more to you, you’ve won. we love you 💕

i know there isn’t anything i can do to help but what i can say is this. i completely understand sibling problems, i always hated my two brothers but after time i guess it just got better. if it’s any help, one of them has a boyfriend and is bisexual and i’m also questioning my sexuality right now. my mother has been working so hard for my families lives too since my father isn’t exactly a reliable guy you can say. i’m not gonna get into my problems but please please please don’t do anything you’ll regret!! your brother says all of those things because he isn’t capable of thinking any differently to how he knows now even when what he thinks is harmful and all. your brother doesn’t understand the depth that you’re feeling and everything and i promise you his intent was never to drive you to suicide or murder. stay. stay for your mother. she’s done so much for you and i’m not saying this to make you feel bad but stay for her!! the reason she’s doing this all is for you and she wouldn’t want you to give your life after all of it. if your brother won’t even take suicide seriously, trust me, he’s the wrong one. he’s so so so wrong and so not right. he doesn’t understand what you’re going through and i’m so sorry that you have to. all i ask is for you to stay. it will get better one day and you’ll look back at this and remember how you got through it!! even if you don’t know me i love you and wish you the best in everything and your life. i’m sorry it has to be that way for you.