My Abnormal Story.

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Heya guys! This is neha here and i'm new . i don't know where to start as there are many things to say .So here we go....

So there was a guy...he was my friend , i mean bestfrnd ovisly..He had crush on me and he confessed his feelings that he wanna give it a try but i wasn't ready because i had a veryy bad breakup with someone whom i actually loved with all my heart and did nothing but hurt me..And they were mutual friends . So he was constantly tellimg me that our relation could be better and would bee best for sure so i should gave a try too and if that wouldn't workout then i can back off. so i agreed..and month passed by and because he was frnds with my ex ( whom i loved once) they told him that i was a cheater and eventually would cheat on him too..but he took my stand and stood by my side and i think that made me realise that i owe him something so i agreed for relationship with him. Everything was going well and he fell in love with but i didn't but because he loved me and i was in a relationship with him i told him that i love him too but that was just as a friend . I never actually had some more feelings for him but i thought that he is a guy and loves me with everything and took my stand so i owe him atleast this and i continued but then as the time passed he became too serious and he committed to me that he would marry me one day and that he was that much serious but i wasn't so i cleared him that but then i realise that i was forcing mysef to be in love with him but still couldn't he had problem with me too because he knew that somewhere i don't love him the he loves me . So i broke uo with him and i feel miserable person in the world.He is still trying to get me back but i know what he wants i can't give him yhat much love. He keeps on remimding me that he did everything for me , loved me with everything he could and now what i did for him. Sometimes this annoys me because he was the one who convinced me and told me that if i wouldn't feel the same i could back off but i know this is not that much easy and knowingly or unknowingly i hurt him . I don't know what i did was right or wrong but i felt so miserable then when i was with him .Like i used to think about him before going to sleep so may be that could help me getting some feelings i know thats insane. But yeah i did tjat and every possible things to make him happy . I never wanted to hurt him thats why i kept on adjusting myself but eventually ended up hurting him.. And above all this he lost his love and i lost my bestfrnd .The one with whom i had all my TRUST.

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