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My abusive mum

I'm being bullied by my own mum. I need help any help, she always shouts at me when I drop something never lets me do what I want never lets me get what I want even if I have the money for it. I really need some support. please. She always fat shames me, says stuff like, "Why can't you be like him? Look at him. He's only 6 and he's better than you." or," Look at him he's not doing {whatever i was doing} " and she doesn't know much english so when I correct her she always says something like," YOU BLOODY BITCH ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME LOOK DUMB!" or if someone dies and she gives the wrong date to some of her friends (who are much better of a mum than she ever will be) and after they leave she scolds me with the same sentence. When my dad comes around (He works in a different town) and I jokingly tell him what my mum does to me my mum says," What the fuck are you talking about, those words have never came put of my mouth," and whenever I tell her something she says,"Stop lying, it's not good to lie," and when what I said happens she never says, "Oh sorry, you're right," she stays silent and when I jokingly say, "See, I'm right," she says," Shut the fuck up I didn't say anything," or acts like she didn't say I was lying. Today she threatened me by saying,"If you go on your computer today I'm going to stab you with the knife,"

If you're wondering how she said those words in English if I said she can't speak much English it's because I translated. Please give me some support.