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at This point in my life I really should knw what’s best for me😪 but it seem all my knowledge are drained 😫 at the early stage of puberty I really thought having a boyfriend was the greatest of things to do but I was literally wrong, being in a relationship is such gift every body need to have but with the right person 👌 because love is not a thing to ignore, love is pain, love is patient, love is kind, Love is hurtful 😞 love is the very best tender feeling between two opposites sex 👍 but at this point In my life am obviously 🙄 dumbed because everything I thought was wrong

my relationship is on the track which might even get off the track tho I really love that soul and I really wanna make him my forever but I think he see me as anything

love oh love ❤️ you’ve make me dumb founded 😭