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My almost.

It's been years but I still find myself thinking of you from time to time about what ifs and what couldve been. Those memories i had with you would always linger in me and I would content myself reminiscing us. If only I was a bit braver and risk taker before, who knows, things could have been different now but I know it's late for regrets now, you maybe happy and successful or even build your own family by the time being. One thing's for sure, I am always gonna be happy and proud for your achievements, always, even if Im no longer part of it, still even from afar or even in my heart, I will always be proud of you.

I know it would be very impossible for you to read this but I'm pouring my heart out of the things I wanted to say to you, I guess for this is the last time before i put end to this unrequited love. How unfair could life be that years had passed since you drifted away but my feelings for you stays the same. You will always be my almost, but never been mine. I wish in the next life we have, I will still have a chance to meet you and maybe, just maybe by then, we can have our time.

Farewell to my feelings, gobs.