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My ant explodes on me in the difficult times

We have been together for 10 years and in general we have lived very happily together. I was always very much in love with him and I didn't care about anything but being together the way we are. He has always been an anxious guy and in general his way of dealing with setbacks is very pessimistic. I am the complete opposite, I accept situations and I try to deal with them with optimism. From time to time we have gone through very difficult situations like a home of economic nature ... there was a time when we didn't even have 200 euros to spend the month, but we always found a way and moved on. But what I can't stand is his outbursts when we face such issues ... he becomes a completely different person, in addition to constantly whining, he makes unbelievable psychological war with voices and misery. I used to just put up with it and try to find a way to help him get away from it all but now I'm tired and I can't do it anymore. I am also a human being and I have my own thoughts and feelings, I can't face all this negativity ... 3 years ago to help him quit his job and live free as he wanted, I gave up all mine and we opened up a company that I work entirely on the internet and it is doing very well ... it was finally released and it started doing the way we wanted, creating music, etc. We were really, really good, very happy and we had a great time together but now with the coronation that things have gone backwards and we don't know what tomorrow will bring us he has started his misery and his whining again and I really can't ... I never imagined that so much love that I had for him would start to decline ... I feel that I have taken on the role of the man in the house and that has tired me ... And I am anxious about the future and what will happen to our business and our life, and I have thousand of thought in my mind but I don't break out on it, before I break down I face it all calmly and see what I can do to fix it when the time comes. Today he started shouting at me because I told him better not to go to the supermarket with me (it's been 13 years and as much as I'm worried about something sticking) I wear a mask and gloves and generally due to studies (I have finished medicine) I know how to be careful ... he does not want to wear any of them and generally considers that he is not in danger and that everything is set up as if he might risk it ... he started to shout at me saying that I am paranoid and that I am swollen and that I am an idiot who does not understand that many more people die from the common flu every year than from the crown. I replied that for all countries to have closed their borders and for the world economy to be destroyed at this time, it means something ... and then he started shouting again about his finances and conspiracy theories and now he can't even go for a walk in the sea as if I am responsible for all this ... I'm really tired and I'm bored and I can't take it anymore ... I don't tell him anything anymore, he doesn't even wash his hands like I told him in the previous days when we came home because he's upset and we fight again ... whatever I tell him he'll just do on the contrary, it is as if I am his enemy. It has taken me a long time, the optimism I have always had as a person, does not help me at all now that I am locked in the house with him all day, I try to work as much as I can at least keep control as much as I can but in general the market is dead and we don't have revenue this season ... the unbelievable thing is that we've been through a lot worse financially in the past and I've always found the strength to move on ... Now I feel so tired that I'm even thinking of divorcing ... something I hadn't thought of never in the past!