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My best friend doesn't like me anymore i guess.

My bestfriend doesn't want to talk to me anymore, she ignores me.

And sadly she is the only one i ever had to talk about private stuff, even if she makes fun of me for everything... atleast someone listened to me.

I dont understand how someone that she met like 5 months ago stealed her from me and our 4 years friendship. I got jealous and did stupid things for it, now that i remember that i start crying for how stupid and lonely i felt a the moment.

And how she wouldn't even notice it, so much that her own ex boyfriend had to go to comfort me in the middle of that party.

This July was my birthday, and she usually makes an elaborate drawing for me. Im not saying she is obligated to draw but this year she kinda ignored it.

Now i sometimes text her about random things that happend to me in the day while she constantly uploads things to social media about her new friends but keeps ignoring me and my texts and posts.

I feel bad. Why did this happend?