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My Best Friend

I have this person. I won't use his name. We met when I worked at a certain build your own burrito establishment. When we met, it was like electric. The first night we worked together met. And we stayed late, sitting in his car for hours after we had gotten off of work, We talked and talked. Showed each other memes. Laughed for hours on end until it was almost 2 am. We had to go home. We had significant others waiting for us at home. The feeling that I had with this person, I've never had with anyone else, ever. We are soulmates, in one way. Maybe not romantic, but I feel like I was supposed to meet him, like we are supposed to be in each other's lives. I can't really explain it any better than that.

I no longer work at this restaurant. Neither does he. He moved back to his home state after his father passed away in November of last year. I have not seen him since. I am still with my boyfriend. My boyfriend just got jealous of our friendship, so it has been mainly a secret. I know that this is wrong, that I should not have to keep something like this from my boyfriend. But I love my boyfriend, and I love my friend. I really do. I'm not even sure in which way that I love him, all I know is that I do.

I have no one that I can tell, so I have turned to this website to help me vent. Maybe someone on here can help me work out my feelings.