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My best friend keeps ghosting me. It hurts. Please help

My best friend since kindergarten, also my first friend and only friend

in kindergarten stopped talking to me like two years ago. I think we lost

same interests and I'm still very sad. I also think (and I am not the

only one that thinks) that even whe she is a year younger, she is less

childish. I started feeling this a long time ago that my friends started

to grow up and I stayed mentally younger. I don't know what to do. I

realized that I am slowly loosing friends because I don't have the usual

interests as my others 16 years old peers. Can I do something with it?

Or it was meant to be? However mostly hurts the fact that this one particular friend - Lucy is avoiding me. Once in like 3 months she responded that she is not avoiding me but since then, she only ghosted me. I haven't seen her or heard of her in a year and I stopped texting her since it didn't do anything. When the GTA 5 online was free on Epic games last month, I've written it to her and she responded! (we always were gamer girls and played games together) We even planed going together out which lands on tommorow! However, I'm really skeptical, since she ghosted me again and is still ghosting me today. I would like to tell her my feelings, but how can I do it if she keeps avoiding me? It would hurt less if she just told me to my face that she don't want to be friends anymore even thou we were meant to be besties :(

But now, it hurts. Even after the years. It hurts badly.

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Re: My best friend keeps ghosting me. It hurts. Please help

It hurts so much to lose a best friend. I know because I lost mine too.But you see change is inevitable. People move on. And you can't force anyone to be with you. The tighter you hold on to something the easier it slips away. Don't blame yourself for what happened. Realise that everything happens for a reason. Even her ghosting you. Believe it's for the better and move on. Only good will happen to you. Good luck.

Something similar happened to me and my friend. My friend was avoiding me because she didn't like my parents. I kept texting her and eventually she told me why she ignored me for so long. My advice is to write down different possibilities. Think about what the cause may be. It could be that your interests are changing too. I had a part of my life where I had no friends because I was out of school for two years. What I did to cope was I made imaginary friends. So I know it sounds weird but you might want to give it a try. I don't really know any ways to get friends back other than what I said. I suggest looking for fandoms for your interests and making friends there. I've lost a lot of friends so I hope my experiences could help you. If not, I'm sorry and I hope things get better.

I may not know your friendship story but I think its better to say it to her personally you can ask her if she is available or free so that you can confess it to her and maybe she will see and know what you really feel. And when she do not agree to see you (just in case) try to talk to her through phone call or through chat and tell her you need to say something important and she need to do is to tell the truth.

I think you need to prepare yourself from whatever she may answer, and I think its part of our life we may lose friends and best friend which is it really painful like a heartbreak but its reality. You may lose best friend maybe it was meant to happen because you deserve a better one. No pressure, this is my side. :)

My advice is to give her space like she wanted and just leave a message for her once in a while. maybe she have the same reason why I always ghost someone. haha

it just because I just want to shut everything down and keep myself busy because of too much overthinking.

that's just maybe :)