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My Best Friends Secret Life.

My best friend is a great person but shes been carrying a secret. Shes been off and on with someone elses man for 8 years. I have to ask myself was his woman in need of a new bulb or did she know? The poor lady was clueless. From the outside looking in you would think they were happy according to pictures they took. My friend told me some of the things he did to her in the room and Im like, how could he go home like everything was ok? He was constantly with my friend. Constantly coming home late. Now to make things worse he is no longer with us and my friend is hurting. No one had a fucking clue this was still going on. My best advice to all of you ladies is love yourself more than to be tucked away. I know he loved her. No sex is going to keep you coming for 8 years. And fellas be true to yourself, if you can cheat for 8 years please re-evaluate if you really love your girlfriend. Dont have her friends and family fooled by a facade.