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My best guy friend

I had a crush on this guy for about 3 years but I haven't told anybody. The first year my then bestriend liked him. The second year I found out he was in love with one of my close friend and they dated on and off. She ended up hurting him a lot and that's when I became friends with him. I helped him though those dark times and he became my best friend.

In the third year he started dating another girl and I was OK with it cuz I knew I'd never have him. I suppressed my feelings and stood by his side. He even started calling me as the sister he never had. I cried at home and eventually lost most if my feelings.

Now because of lockdown we hardly text but we're still close. And I saw a picture of him the other day and I had butterflies in my stomach....something that hasn't happened in six months. I've joined a different college now and I believe I can move on.

This is the first time I've admitted this to anyone lol. And I don't know if it was love.

Any thoughts on this one?

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RE: My best guy friend

hey yea i have the same problem lol... I befriended a guy 14 years ago, ikr a long time, so weve been inseperable besties for 10 of those years... i started crushing on him around 4 years ago...... we still besties tho but i havent shared my feelings with him and i dont think i ever will.........