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My bf expose me social media

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Whenever the topic of sex comes up, I have repeatedly told my boyfriend that I intend to remain a secretly gogo dancer camgirl until make enough money to which he agreed.

A few days ago, he drugged my drink and had sex with me and share me with others guys.

He told me after that it was bet .plus got mad client send gifts .I'm becoming a dirty slut .so took what was jokes idea to expose me and make profit sex gang of me into the new sex age where friends and other people can fuck me for$$ for one night having live sex as a homemade slut

I did not expect he plan to have gang sex with me oh others and him video tape me and now my family know my secret lifestyle got expose to close ones .my Dad my mom and friends and others close to me are shame of me discouraging me. Telling me .how i let this ruin my reputation.

So I am not able to function normally since it happened. Do you thing what he did can be considered as rape or mistake? What should I do?