My bf was cheating on me with my best friend

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My name is Lilly and I am 17...

And sooo this story happened when I was around 16 or 15...I had my boyfriend and lets call him Jack....

So he was my first ever boyfriend and I was really happy to have someone like him who loves me and respect my feelings!!

Soo.. before I knew him i had met a girl named Mia soon she became my best friend! We....had never fight we were always there for

each other!

Mia had a boyfriend who lived in me and Mia and jack would always hang out...But for few moths we didn't hang out

like we did...

And one day I felt lonely and so I called jack and he was "busy" he told I asked Mia and she also said I am "busy"..

Now.. I had also known a girl named ally she was also one of my friends I asked and she came we talked and

ally told I think jack is cheating on you... i was speechless....She asked some question and she says Mia might be stealing him....form you..

I felt like she was telling the truth...I had no idea what to do...and ally said do you know Mia's ex I said yeah we are good friends!..

So we had a chat with Mia's ex I asked him why did you guys break up?? he said " Oh, so Mia didn't told you....well she cheated on me with some guy"

I was shocked because Mia is a girl who won't let someone heart broken.....

And so ally kinda hacked Jack's location and found out he was in a cafe...

So..after 10 mins of walk to where he was...we saw Mia with HIM!

I went to the table and said.." Oh hello guys what are you both doing here i though you were busy Huh?"

Jack said something like.... " It's not what you think.. I saw her and asked her to come cafe as we both did not had lunch

So, I believed him....and let me tell you that was my biggest mistake!

So after 4 months My friend had a pool prat and me and jack went there so....he and me were busy talking or something like that...i guess..

Then it was really late and yeah we had go home but i couldn't find jack so i Searched him all over the house i called him more than 20 times but he didn't pick up...

So then I went up stairs and looked out of my friend's room window i looked down and say someone kissing...

I went down stair and go out i said have you guys seen jack?

But when they looked behind saw jack and Mia...I felt like the world ended

I run and went to my friend and after that I went home and cried my sister helped me out a lot! and jack had a talk and we broke up sadly but now...

I feel so happy that I broke up with a guy who was dating me and someone else..

And have a boyfriend who i can trust and love and i know he would never do something like that to me :)