My Biggest Health Scare.. Still Didn't Learn My Lesson

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Last year my lungs collapsed, 4 times in a row. They said it was because of my physique (Tall/Skinny/Male) apparently it's common for people like me, the rate it was happening to me though was not common. This was the biggest health scare I've ever gotten and my god I was scared.

The first time it was a simple "Go home and relax for a couple of weeks" and sure enough I healed up. It was a bit strange but by being reassured it wasn't abnormal for someone like me I shrugged it off and got through it.

About a week later it happened again so I was checked in to my local hospital get my chest drained of excess oxygen (not fun) lasted a few days and was out within the week, happy days.

About 2 weeks later it happened again, this time I was sent to a different hospital to be looked after by one of the top surgeons in my country (wow ikr) he performed 2 operations on me that was ALMOST guaranteed to fix me, but was going to be invasive.

I woke up in absaloute agony and could barely move my body for about a week, another couple of weeks of being bedridden and eventually I was discharged.

I had to take a few weeks off work to fully heal and I felt like it had worked, eventually I was back working with no issues... Untill about a week later and it happened again.

At this point I was getting really scared, the success rate of my last operation was 96% how did I fall in to the unlucky 4%? What was wrong with me?

Went back to the same Doctor and safe to say he was a bit surprised. It's weird to have someone who is supposed to have done numerous lung operations on plenty of people well above my age (I was 23 btw) telling me that he had never had a case of someone so young getting this particular problem so frequently, repeat collapses were not unheard of just not a week apart from each other, it usually would take a few months to a year but it just kept on happening to me for some reason

So he did another operation on me, one that was less invasive thank god. But it still wasn't easy having to be stuck in that bed again for another couple of weeks, I was starting to worry that this would be an ongoing issue I'd have to put up with for a long time. I'm also a singer/rapper so not having the use of my lungs was a daunting reality I didn't want to believe.

It's been over a year now since I was last discharged from hospital, since then my lungs have been a bit wonky here and there but no more collapses since. But I'm still terrified that it's going to happen again, every now and then I get a sharp feeling in my side when I take a deep breath and think "FUCK not again" but it only ever lasts for a few seconds.

I told myself when I was in hospital that my life would change after, I'd stop taking the little things for granted and try to live my life to the fullest. It was weird how I used to complain about everything and was unmotivated to do anything untill this had happened to me, then it felt like everything was just taken away from me and it felt horrible, I just wanted my life back no matter how shitty I thought it was before this all happened lol

Most important of all I was going to stop smoking weed (no brainer right?)

Well guess what turns out I have no brain cause I'm still smoking 😂

I shouldn't be joking about it cause it's not funny, I know I shouldn't be. I did give up for about two months after it I got out, but once I was well enough to go out with friends again and have fun I fell back into old habits

Like I said it was because of my physique, smoker or not this was going to happen to me eventually and might happen again regardless of what I do, the doctor even said for a smoker my lungs do look healthy enough.

Basically trying to convince myself that even though smoking weed is bad for your lungs it's not the real culprit for my regular lung collapses. I know that's just an excuse and I should just give up anyways.. I know 😂

Anyways I'm guess I'm trying to ask if a health scare like that wasn't enough to get me to change my lifestyle, then what will? Not even smoking specifically, but just the whole "Living my life to the fullest" thing, nothing about my day to day routine has changed since this has happened

Will I have to actually suffer real consequences before I wise up?

The back of my mind is saying it doesn't matter what I do, if its going to happen again then it will regardless of my lifestyle, but what if I'm wrong?

Tune in next week to find out, on "Why Are Humans So F**king Dumb?"

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