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My biggest insecurity.

My real biggest insecurity is that I have personally heard my friends say how annoying I used to be, with my chinese accent, not knowing how to dress, talking too much. They like me better now. I laugh with them. Because they like me better because I now feel insecure about my body, I care about what people think of me, I got rid of the only part I have left in my culture. I can no longer speak mandarin, they like me for what makes me cry at night. Society is funny, society shapes you. That is why I am so judgemental, rude, and mean sometimes. You may not hear me say it, but I think it about people. “She’s kinda fat” “He has a huge nose” “what is she wearing?”. I say what I have become. This might be too much information but I don’t want anyone to turn out how I have, please don’t throw away anything for anyone.