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My boyfriend

I feel so horrible for hurting my boyfriend, the man i love the most in this world, thanks to my own bullshit, insecurities and overall being a difficult person. I sometimes just want to break up with him just to free him from me, but i don't have the heart to do so. I know he loves me and puts up with me because of that, but i know i'm not good for him. He deserves better.

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Re: My boyfriend

Your boyfriend isn’t obligated to stay with you, so if he hasn’t left, it’s because he believes that your good qualities outweigh the bad.

However, a man (or woman) can only tolerate so much. He won’t stay long-term if you continue on this path. Luckily, every new day is a chance to behave differently. You know your faults, so work on fixing them. You’ve found a guy who loves you, and you need to start treating him appropriately. Tell him you’re sorry for how you’ve acted, and commit to change. Pursue therapy, etc. Take proactive steps to be a better person, and a better gf. Trust me, you CAN change. I did. :)