My boyfriends dad touched me

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I met my boyfriend in July 2017 and I believe it was in November or December of 2017 his dad started to tickle my feet. Very strange to read that yes and kinda funny. I was definitely taken aback about what he was tickling my feet. He took off my sock without asking and gave me this creepy grin with his creepy eyes and kept tickling my foot. This continued on for years. It was would happen when my boyfriend would leave the room, he would pretend to pet the dog in my boyfriends room while my boyfriend went to the bathroom and would grab my foot and tickle it without permission. I would be sleeping with my boyfriend and I would wake up to him over me tickling me. I would finish having sex with my boyfriend and I’m naked in his bed and the dad would again take my foot and tickle it. It eventually got worse. He started tickling my knee and gripping it. He starting tickling my sides and touching my bare skin. He was sexually harassing me and I didn’t even know it. He would go to the point of trying to untie my shoe and I’m kicking his hand away and he thought I was playing and would grab and hold my foot and tickle it. It came to a point where I finally told my parents in 2019 about it happening and he still wouldn’t stop. My boyfriend would repeatedly tell his dad to stop and that he’s being weird. He would kick his hand away or swat it away but still he wouldn’t stop. He sat his dad down to have a serious convo and the dad said he would stop but then would wait for his son to leave me alone and do it so I stopped going to his house. I came back again and he did it again and I had enough. I was having nightmares, I didn’t want people touching me. I was scared and felt unsafe and violated. I got my parents involved and you know what his parents did? They refused to talk to them and pretended as nothing ever happened. Now I’m not allowed over and they made it seem like I should have never opened my mouth about being sexually harassed.