My brother

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What do you first think of when you remember your brother's face? I,umm from where shall I start . TBH I am exhausted. I can't take it any longer. He can't stand me literally if we are in a room it shall take less than an hour for a heated argument to begin followed with physical quarrel. The abusive language that he hearls are something that a brother can never even think of.

To talk about constraints, I can't keep my things anywhere else than my only suitcase. I can't touch any thing in my house and I sit on a particular spot the whole day. You would feel like if you don't say anything the torture will cease but that is not the case it fuels him and it continues and continues. He would put sand in my food. My mother is also tired of his behaviour. And even my dad can't help me. He calls my dad daughterf****r , just think of the level of filthy of a person he is. He threatens him that he would not have a proper burial for my father. Again and again he would say and do these things as a broker tape recorder. And when even these doesn't satisfies him he tries to put in my mom's mind that I have an affair with a boy and tells all sorts if disgraceful stuffs. What do I do? I don't have anyone to share my grief, I want to bring this out in front of the world.