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My Brothers Ex-Girlfriend

Let's get one thing straight. I never liked my brothers girlfriend. They had a long distance relationship, and they met after he saw her in a play. When they started going out, she would log onto his social media and block all the girls he talked to. He thought he loved her. They were on and off for a long time but he finally broke it off in February. Here's what happened: She had depression and anxiety which is understandable but she constantly had to face time my brother because she was having a mental breakdown, and when my brother needed her, she was "too busy". This just added to the crap. The final straw was when his dog died. Lacey (his dog) was just a puppy, and she had gotten hit by a car. The ex told him to choose between her and HIS DOG THAT HE HAD JUST LOST- He finally decided that she was toxic and dumped her. I finally could block her on all my social media because she wasn't going to be a part of my life anymore.