My Confession

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I can't stay silent anymore, i can't hold back any longer. Its time I told the truth.


I have never touched children, and I will never touch children. Why? Its simple really. Children are unable to understand the consequences and repercussions to sexual activity, and as such are unable to give informed consent on the issue.

What makes me a pedophile is i am sexually attracted to children and I fantasize about things with children.

For those of you who will counter that Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation. If you take a moment to go read the "Diagnosis And Statistics Manual Of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition" and go read section 203 under Paraphililias and Paraphilic Disorders. You will learn that many things including Pedophilia is infact an Atypical Sexual Orientation. This means even if you were to remove all of us More would eventually come up.

I and many others like me are Classified by Psychological Experts as "Latent Pedophiles" meaning even though we have these interests and desires we do not engage in them.

People who engage in in activities with children as Classifed as "In Distress" by psychologists. Im not excusing their behavior or actions they should be punished but they also need mental health counseling otherwise they will do it again.

I can't change who or what I am attracted to. I can however choose not to engage in these activities. Do I think about it? Yes! All the fucking time! Do I engage with it? No! Why? They are too young to understand!