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My confession to god

I feel like i am angel Abdiel who has lied to god about how humans have been corrupted . God does not know that maybe i had accidently created the forbidden tree of knowledge, dropped the potion of emotions which exploded and most of them fell into earth few drops fell into heaven and rest to hell. I feel deepest guilt and pain while seeing the condition of humans . I also lied that there was satan well actually it was me who took the form of serpent and saw a clone of Adam and eve eating that forbidden fruit while real ones were with me making a wreath of flowers i did not tell that there were real and clone of Adam and Eve. I think that i carry all mysteries of world inside my navel which cannot be decoded easily , i have restricted access to some place including Sabrimala in Kerala for women because i never wanted to know them about my blunder i feared that if they came to know it they would quarrel, fight and ultimately die. I also watched porn and sex videos to see how much damage has been done to humans and masturbated frequently so that i never engage in having sex because i don' t want my children to know about my mistake.