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I'm an 18 yr old girl n I used to kissed n play around with my two of my sisters and my brother😔

I'm straight...and I don't know what came over me... especially when it came to my little sister.

For one of my sisters I was abt 3 yrs old n she is older than me but I still remember. We were curious as to how sex n kissing felt like, so we played around, then we kissed. We found that nasty never did that again.

For my brother, he's younger than me.

I'm positive that I made him do what he did.

I was abt six then.

We used to kiss and play around with each other's private parts n I used to even place his penis on my clit.

I didn't know much at all abt sex then.

Or else we might've actually done it.

We eventually stopped.

Then it was my little sister.

That was the worst for me.

She was so little...abt 3/4 n I was 13/14.

Idk what came over me at all.

I was masturbating but that didn't seem like enough.

So I went n started grinding with her.

I had her in top of me pulling her up n down on me.

Before that I used to get her to kiss me.

At that time I had a crush on a boy that liked me back so I used to masturbate a lot thinking of him.

I was thinking abt him whenever I kissed her or when I grinded with her but that doesn't excuse the fact that it was extremely wrong.

Masturbating is wrong.

I eventually stopped by not too long after I started grinding with her because idk what but it was like I snapped back into reality.

Like something had taken over me for that short period of time.

I also used to watch porn but I was babysitting that day.

My mother trusted me to look after my sister n that's how I decided to do it.

There were also points where I used to masturbate while watching porn n my little sister was there watching.

No one knows.

But I no longer wanted to keep that inside of me.

What I did was not right in any way.

The devil got me then but won't get me again in the name of the Lord.

I value all of my siblings n I always will love them.

Putting my ugly past behind me n asking for forgiveness.

I repent of my sins.

And I ask God forgive and have mercy on me.


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