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My Confused Gay Life

So when I was young around 5 when it started i was very curious with my butt hole. To me it was a mystery so i stood on the bathroom counter back towards the mirror bent down to inspect thy butt hole. I would also try to get the plunger in the bathroom as far as I could up it after a long time of getting different sized things like sharpies then cleaning them of so no one knew i had an idea... I grabbed lotion and put it on the plunger one day when i was in the bathroom and tried to see how far. The plunger went far and I liked it. When i showered i would take the plunger in with me lay on the floor and shove it up and out instead of shower. I loved the feeling it was a fun game. years later of not doing anything like that I was in middle school 7th grade just moved to a different school and for the first time I saw the most attractive person in my life and he was a guy. I was confused why i had those feeling and understood them and a few months later came out as gay to the school basically but not my family. I then dated a few guys and they only lasted 2 months each. I didn't have dating down. Then I went to High school 9th grade and i met a guy he lived with a brother his dad and mom all of which were Mormon. He wasn't out to anyone but his close friends but he and I clicked. We dated and I decided I wanted sleepover at his house. We made the arrangements and when I got there he and our friend lets say Samantha was there she left once it got late because his parents didn't want any girls staying the night. That night he and i kissed a lot and went down and did the dirty. he came to my house a couple weeks later and did the same thing. At the 2 month mark he broke up with me the night before homecoming. Fast forward the rest of the year to now and I am going into 10th grade I'm 15 and going to have online school. I won't be able to see anyone except for the people in my neighborhood but one of my neighbors have a long dick and bisexual also around my age so we went to my room and he fucked me doggy style this was like 5 days ago and tonight as I am writing this I am telling you it's better than a dildo bc you don't do any work. I want him to stay the night here again. I want to be fucked by a person.