My ‘creatures’

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I am a Christian so I apologize for the language used. I was angry, and frustrated. It might also be depressing.

Bruh she be telling me in the morning, ‘it’s not my fault you wouldn’t tell me what’s up yesterday’


I was not having it; I was not taking any more of her BS. Damn her insistence, I can pay for my own counseling…not that the other one I had before helped me. She left me, yes my own counselor stopped talking to me because I had done something ‘too strange’

Last I checked, my dad is the one who actually started this cycle. Have imaginary friend to replace real humans…at age 12. Speaking of which when I was 11 I told my dad I had spoken to God. I told him had seen a mouth and it was moving, I defiantly thought it was God. Why you ask? Cause it was big. Yes, I was a kid and the bible said God was huge so I thought that mouth was Gods. I was actually very excited to tell him. This mental scar still haunts me. He snapped back and told me.


From that day forward, God was just a big CEO who only watched us, and helped us when asked. Basically you could do whatever, cause it’s your life. My relationship with God from that day was trash, it still is, and how I wish it wasn’t. He seems to distant, all the ways at the edge of the universe which he holds. Since my dad told me I could not talk to God anymore, I started theorizing on other ways to get friends.

I remember was the ‘creatures’ I would always wonder whether or not they’d be tiny little creatures living among us just chilln. Eventually I asked my class mates about it, I guess this was the peak of my weird cycle. I even looked in the brushes every lunch hour to see whether they were any lovely little creatures I could befriend. Yes, I was very lonely. Eventually I started seeing a few, mostly in the sky but eventually they came downwards. They played cards, run around, talked and slept. Basically it was like school but with a whole lot of new guys.

Often I would bend down and look at a few, sometimes play with the mud, make little houses for them. They grew bigger and bigger, sometimes being as big as the trees. Others where just mere fairy like creatures. Now hers the weirdest part, I was not freaked out. I was very happy to have them, and they didn’t even give me attention. Until one creature came up to me and said hi. And that’s how I met my imaginary husband. 5 years ago, feels like yesterday.

Thank you for reading this far.