My Creepy Homeroom Teacher

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I am a female eighth grade student. My home room teacher is really creepy and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel really uncomfortable when I have online class with him. He doesn’t teach any of my classes, he just takes attendance in the morning and we sometimes have a session with him during the last lesson, but that’s it. Even though this is the case, my best friend and I feel very uncomfortable whenever he talks. My concern started growing after attendance this morning though. He’s not the best English speaker (he teaches a foreign language, I’d prefer not to say which), but he gets by, so this might have been a misunderstanding. So, this morning, I join this teacher’s meeting to take attendance and then get to my first class. I say good morning, and five minutes were kind of just awkward silence, but that’s normal since my school isn’t really used to the online system yet. But after those five minutes, he asked us to turn our cameras on. You might be thinking, what’s wrong with that, isn’t that compulsory for all students? Well, the way he said it was creepy, to say the least. He said, “girls, cameras on, now.” He didn’t say “students, cameras on.” He basically demanded only the girls to switch their cameras on, the girls in my class are ages 12-13. The way he said it was scary, he was practically barking at us. Naturally, all of our common sense probably kicked in and we said no. Nobody turned their cameras on. Nobody showed their face to this man. Then, he started getting more demanding. Calling girls by name, saying “it’s mandatory, girls,” “are you shy, girls?” What about the boys? They are very much students and members of the class, what about them? His tone was plain rude. Maybe he was getting impatient, maybe lockdown is making me go crazy, or maybe, this is a real issue. This wasn’t the first time he did something like this. On the first day of school, which was this Monday, he insisted (still targeting only the girls) that they put a picture of themselves as their profile picture. We brushed it off as it was the first day of school and nobody really knew him, but still, a bit weird that he wanted only the girls to do this. Thank you for taking the time to read this! x